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Happy International Petroleum Week – celebrate it while you can!

The week celebrating a matter that makes many aspects of our lives easier, while we wait for 100% renewable energy, has ended. Wishing it a happy birthday sounds reasonable considering its a dying resource. Here’s how the top ten proved crude oil reserves-containing countries have been doing in the last ten years. The data comes from the US Energy Information Administration.

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oil circle

Or here to see it in map form!

oil map

In the last ten years, some countries retained roughly the same amount of proven oil reserves such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Canada. Other countries such as Mexico, decreased in reserves while some jumped up the table like Venezuela. The latter country increased in proven oil reserves by over 280%.

But a report on oil depletion highlights there is not enough fossil energy on this planet to ensure the economic prosperity of 9.4 billion people. If you are alive by 2050,  the effects of oil scarcity will occur in your lifetime.