How to… create a datawrapper graph

Datawrapper is a tool that helps you create interactive charts and maps while making you appear more data-savvy than the average excel user. This example will go through the creation of a graph using the Datawrapper site and the data from my previous post on alcohol related deaths.

  • First, obtain the data you wish to work with. For this example, I downloaded the excel file of alcohol -related deaths  from the National Office for Statistics.ons
  • Then, ‘clean’ the data you wish to use by deleting unnecessary columns or rows. For my third chart, I decided to create a new table with the total number of alcohol-related deaths for males, females and both for every year.
  • Copy the table of data you wish to visualise and enter it on the website after clicking the try it now button. There is no need to sign up although the option exists. Don’t edit the data even if it looks messy when pasted.Untitled
  • Once you upload and visualise, you can decide on the type of chart and title. Untitled 3
  • Finally, you need to publish and embed. A URL and code will be generated so you can create a hyperlink from your blog or embed it in your website. WordPress, unfortunately doesn’t allow embedding.Untitled 4

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